TabTime Vibrating Watch (Spare Strap) - Tabtime Limited
TabTime Vibrating Watch (Spare Strap) - Tabtime Limited
TabTime Vibrating Watch (Spare Strap) - Tabtime Limited
TabTime Vibrating Watch (Spare Strap) - Tabtime Limited
TabTime Vibrating Watch (Spare Strap) - Tabtime Limited
TabTime Vibrating Watch (Spare Strap) - Tabtime Limited

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Montre vibrante TabTime (bracelet de rechange)

Prix régulier €6,95 Solde

Vous pouvez facilement mettre à jour votre alarme vibrante TabTime regarder avec une sangle de rechange.

Les bracelets de rechange sont disponibles dans l'une des 5 couleurs suivantes: noir, bleu, rouge, rose et violet.

Disponible en deux tailles. Les bracelets normaux conviennent aux poignets entre 11 et 17 cm. Les larges bretelles conviennent aux poignets entre 16 et 22 cm.


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Raymond W.
A "game changer"

I use a urostomy bag (in the absence of my bladder) which needs to be emptied about 9 times every day. With no physical reminder that I need to empty it, I have to be reminded..
I have now used my TabTime timer for about 3 weeks and find it perfect for the job. The TabTimer lights up and vibrates gently to remind me. It is very discreet and easy to use.
The product was delivered quickly and I got help to set it up. The support has been excellent.


I purchased the tabtime reminder watch about a month ago and use 6 of its available reminders. I had some difficulty 5 years ago finding a multiple timer and ended up with a US import which I found difficult to use due to my Parkinsons. Subsequently my daughter found a sports watch with 6 reminders/timers which worked reasonably well though some of the functions were not suitable due to my shuffling gait, etc and it was expensive. It has now packed in with the screen getting gradually darker. Tabtime does what it says it will do at a reasonable cost. I do not know about durability as I have only had it for a month but I think it will be ok but, based on previous timers - USA and sports watch - I purchased a spare strap. t has a clear good sized display. I am pleased so far.

Patricia T.
A timely reminder

Having tabtime saves me having to think about taking medication which is such a bind ,don’t have to think about it anymore.

george g.

If like mi you are taking medication 9 times a day, then this will remind you of the time to take your medication. Silent reminder, so not disturbing other's around you, save you some embarrassment at times.

Always get a spare

I purchased the TabTime watch a couple of months ago and I find it to be in valuable to remind me when it's time to take another tablet. It is unobtrusive and silent. It is important to me to have the watch with me at all times. I decided to buy a spare strap in order to ensure that I wouldn't be without my watch. The straps seem to be quite sturdy and flexible, they are quite comfortable to wear. If they get grubby they can be washed in soapy water (not the watch) when they are dry, they are as good as new.

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